Our objective is that our company, working in an environment of total trust and transparency in our processes, guarantees our clients that they receive the best service and the best quality / price ratio on the market.

Our highest priority is to provide our customers with exceptional solutions that provide value, innovation and a high level of satisfaction, maintaining their trust with unbeatable quality.


Today Smartlabs has the approvals of the main telephone manufacturers to carry out warranty repairs at no cost to the customer.

It has the most advanced tools to perform the required interventions in each of the breakdowns, diagnosed by specialized technicians, many of them with more than 20 years in the telephone sector, carrying out top-level repairs.


We have a properly equipped space with 25 handling positions where we perform the following services:

  • Terminal customization
  • Reprocessed
  • Massive software updates
  • Packaging modifications
  • Mass re-labeling
  • Shrink-wrapped

Automatic logistics and order picking system

Smartlabs has a 100% automatic order preparation and supply system, offering:

  • 24/7 order picking
  • Automated supply avoiding human error, mismatches, wrong locations
  • Taking inventories on the spot
  • 24-hour recording of supplies
  • FIFO dispensing


We have shrinking machines from where we offer our clients:

  • Terminal fusion with accessories
  • Presented with a high quality final finish

Sale - Promoters

We have a network of 186 sales promoters, offering a tailored solution to our clients:

  • Boosting sales
  • Support with our sales tool
  • Reports on the spot
  • Daily, weekly, monthly goals
  • Comparisons by model
  • Incident report, furniture, clothing
  • Report of lost sales, returns
  • Comparisons by model

Custom development

Today Smartlabs has a highly qualified development team, with extensive experience in the sector, carrying out all IT developments internally.

  • Repair ERP development
  • Call center tools, call management
  • Promotion and sales tool
  • Custom corporate websites


Call center

We have a call center from where we offer services to different clients, where we solve logistics management, resolution of incidents to clients at the time.

Differentiating ourselves from the rest of the call center, being a technical call center where we have agents with technical profiles, offering very advanced solutions to customers, solving faults over the phone and avoiding leaving the customer without

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